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Jasmine Davidson ESPN's #1 Player In The Country: Pressures, Area's of Improvement And More

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Jasmine Davidson is a 6'0 lefty with great fundamentals and instincts. Her ceiling is very high and her #1 Ranking was earned.

As a left-handed player do you feel you have more of an advantage against other players ?

"As a left handed player I do feel I have a bit of an advantage on players because most players are right handed and the defense often forces left so people don't really expect it"

I know it’s early, but what are some important factors that will go into your college decision ?

"The culture of the program and just overall my relationships with the coaching staff. I want to go to a program that has a healthy culture and that feels like a second family."

Being ranked number 1 in the country, do you feel pressure to perform at a high level every game and Do you feel players try to make a name for themselves when matched up against you ?

"Regardless of ranking I have always put a lot of pressure on myself to perform at a high level every game, so yes and no. I do think that since I've started getting more attention teams have been planning for me more and focusing the defense around me more too."

NIL has been the newest topic in the college world. Will that play a big role in your college choice ?

"I would love to get good NIL deals wherever I go to school but that will not be the deciding factor of where I go to school"

If a coach has not developed any WNBA players, will that be a concern when making your college decision ?

"No, because all of the coaches that I am considering playing for have all produced many WNBA players"

What is your preferred style of play in games ?

"My preferred style of play is very free, I like to get everyone on my team a touch and work to get the best shot for my team."

What are some areas you feel you need to improve over the next school year going into next summer ?

"Before next summer I am most focused on getting my right hand to be just as fluid and dominant as my left hand, and continuing to work on my 3pt shooting and midrange as well."

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