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Ladies Ball Global Championship Southwest Regional Standouts

Today, at the Ladies Ball Global Championship Southwest Regional, I had the pleasure of witnessing some exceptional young talents on the court. These players showcased their skills and potential, leaving a lasting impression. Here are my evals and thoughts on each player.


Skylar Conway - W/F - 6'0 - 2028 Cy Fair
Conway, an aggressive wing player, has the potential to become a standout player in the future. She showcased a variety of scoring options, demonstrating her versatility on offense. Like O'Suoji, Conway also plays with a high motor, indicating her commitment and effort on both ends of the court. With her skill set, she has the potential to become an elite two-way player.

Ada O'Suoji - F - 5'10 -2028
O'Suoji is a long and athletic player who has the ability to play multiple positions. She showed flashes of being able to push the fast break effectively. Additionally, her shot-blocking timing is impressive. O'Suoji plays with a high motor, which adds to her overall impact on the court.

Kate Ferguson - F - 6'0 - 2028 Okc Swarm
Ferguson is a young prospect with impressive size and length. She displayed great physicality and was a dominant presence on the boards. Her ability to produce consistently on both ends of the court shows her potential to make a significant impact in the future.

Berkeley Smith - G - 5'7 - 2028 True Texas Hoops
Smith's perimeter shooting skills were on full display during the first game. She impressed everyone with her efficiency and accuracy, knocking down a remarkable nine three-pointers. Her consistency and potential make her a player to watch as she progresses into high school.

Jaeda Ramnanan - W/F - 5'10 - 2028 True Texas Hoops
Ramnanan showcased her strength and finesse inside the paint. She possesses solid touch and agility, making her a formidable presence on both ends of the court. Her ability to score from various positions and intimidate opponents makes her an exciting prospect to follow.

Kyndall Smith - F 6'1 - 2028 True Texas Hoops
Smith's length and athleticism make her a versatile defender, capable of guarding on the perimeter. Her exceptional motor and ability to run the floor were impressive, highlighted by occasional coast-to-coast layups. I am eagerly looking forward to witnessing her growth and development in the coming years.

Kamaria Marcy - PG/G - 5'7 - 2028 Wheat Elite
Marcy, a member of Wheat Elite, is a quick and strong guard who excels in transition. Her ability to finish through contact and make plays in clutch moments sets her apart. Marcy's athleticism and skill make her a force to be reckoned with on the court.

Nimi Adeleye - F - 5'10 - 2028 Cy Fair
Adeleye is an energetic player with a high motor who excels defensively. She showcases shot-blocking abilities and rebounds effectively on both ends of the court. Adeleye's ability to run the floor and convert easy layups further highlights her skill set.

Tink Lucas - G - 5'8 - 2028
Lucas displayed excellent three-point shooting skills for her team in the championship game, shooting at a high efficiency. Her passion on the court is evident, and she is definitely a player to keep an eye on. Lucas' ability to contribute offensively adds value to her team.


Maddison Madkins - G - 5'6 - 2029 Cy Fair
Madkins has a lot of star potential with her crafty style of play and scoring ability at all three levels. Her raw talent is evident, as she possesses both physicality and finesse on the court. Leading her team with impactful baskets, Madkins has proven to be a reliable scoring option in the championship game to clinch the Southwest Regional Championship. With continued development, she has the potential to become a standout player in the future.

Saniya Douglas - G/W - 5'10 - 2029
Douglas is a prospect that stands out and demands attention. She plays with a high motor and excels in transition. Her grit and competitiveness on the court make her a force to be reckoned with. Douglas shows great potential and is likely to make a name for herself in the future.

Jada Square - G - 5'7 - 2029
Square, a young prospect, showcased her skills as a perimeter threat. Her ability to hit shots from deep was effective, and she exuded confidence in her shooting. With her long arms and shooting ability, Square has the potential to become a valuable asset on the court.

Alexa Bibb - PG - 5'6 - 2029
Bibb, serving as the lead guard for Drive Nation 2029, displays elite quickness and speed on the court. Her ability to lead her team is commendable, and her decision-making skills are impressive for her age. Bibb has a knack for making big shots and plays in high-pressure situations, evident in her game-winning layup that propelled her team to the final four of the tournaments. She fearlessly embraces these crucial moments and shows great promise for her future in basketball.

La'kya Moore - PG - 5'6 -2029
Moore serves as the primary point guard for her team. She impressed with her ability to hit crucial shots in clutch moments. Moore's consistency throughout the game and her knack for making big shots were highly impressive.

Angelina Medlock - G/W - 5'8 - 2029
Medlock, a mobile wing player, demonstrates solid skills for her age. She plays with physicality and possesses great potential as a two-way threat. Medlock consistently performed well throughout the day and is a player to watch closely for future success.

Hartley Barnes - PG - 5'3 - 2029
Barnes is a promising young prospect who showcases impressive skills for her age. Despite playing against older competition, she remains effective offensively, displaying playmaking abilities and a consistent perimeter shot. Barnes exhibits great potential and is already a standout player.

Addilyn Johnson - G- 5'6 - 2029
Johnson is a crafty guard with a natural scoring ability. She can shoot from beyond the arc and has a knack for driving past defenders. Her solid on-ball defense adds to her overall skill set. Johnson's progress will certainly be closely monitored.

Jada Davis - W/F - 5'10 - 2029
Davis is an exceptional athlete who aggressively attacks the rim. Her long arms and frame suggest she has the potential to become a solid two-way player in the future. Davis's ability to slash to the basket makes her a valuable asset to her team.


Trinity Boyd - PG - 5'6 - 2030
Boyd possesses immense star potential, with an elite understanding of the game. She excels in playmaking, defending, and scoring, demonstrating a high level of skill. I firmly believe that she will be one of the top guards in her class in the years to come.

Xoey Ross - PG/G - 5'6 - 2030 - Drive Nation
Playing beyond her age, Ross demonstrated a mature understanding of the game. Her skill level exceeded expectations, particularly her solid shooting ability. I anticipate Ross's development over the years, and I am excited to follow her journey.

Jordan Lee - PG - 5'7 - 2030
Lee is an impressive young lead guard who displays a high basketball IQ for her age. She possesses the ability to create opportunities for her teammates while also being a reliable scorer in crucial moments. Her leadership skills were evident as she guided her team to victory in the Southwest Regional Championships, earning them a spot in the upcoming national championships in New York. Lee's potential is undeniable, and she is one to watch for in the future.


Addisyn Cayasso - 5'2 - PG - 2031
Despite being very young, Cayasso showcased remarkable speed and served as a floor general for her team. Her future looks promising, and I will surely keep an eye on this potential superstar as she progresses.

Laci Shannon - F/P - 5'10 - 2031
Shannon displayed excellent footwork, hand-eye coordination, and overall coordination for her age and size. Her genetics, with a 6'3 mother and a 6'9 father, suggest great potential. I am excited to monitor her progress and development as she continues to grow.

*2031's players to watch list

Murphie McDowell

Londyn Gantt

Lakyn Binam

If you spotted me at your game, please feel free to reach out via direct message or email to request film footage. I had the opportunity to observe several talented players who caught my attention. Keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram accounts, as I will be sharing highlights of some of these players.

Twitter: UNProspects, Leftyymike

Instagram: Leftymike, Leftyyouth

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