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Uprise Highschool Preseason Showcase (CO)

Updated: Oct 23

6’3 2026 W Brihanna Crittendon- Riverdale Ridge Highschool

Brihanna Crittendon is a rising star at Riverdale Ridge, entering her sophomore season. Crittendon has shown notable physical development, noticeably gaining muscle and strength. This newfound strength has contributed to her ability to finish plays through contact.

Crittendon’s improved finishing abilities with both hands demonstrate her versatility and adaptability in different game situations. Her proficiency in navigating through contact highlights her exceptional body control and scoring instincts, making her an offensive threat.

Crittendon is projected to win the prestigious Colorado Gatorade Player of the Year award. This recognition speaks volumes about her consistent impact on her team.

5'7 2024 PG Krystyna Manzanarez- Central High School

Krystyna Manzanarez, an unsigned 5'7" senior guard, really stood out at the recent weekend games at Uprise High School Preseason Showcase. Her crafty skills and solid two-way abilities were on full display. Not only did she showcase effective playmaking, but her ability to confidently knock down open shots looked really promising.

5'9 G 2025 Brooklyn Jiricek- Winosor Highschool

Jiricek is a versatile combo guard with solid playmaking skills. Standing at about 5'9", she excels as a cutter and displays solid off-ball activity. Her ability to contribute both as a playmaker and a dynamic scorer makes her a valuable asset for her team this season.

6'0 2025 F Mason Borcherding- Legends Highschool

Mason Borcherding, a 6' forward in the Class of 2025. She plays with great positioning in the post and has a keen eye for cutters, she shows potential to make a significant impact in the upcoming school season. Her willingness to pass and unselfish mindset make her a valuable asset to her team.

6'1 2025 F Reyleigh Hess- Winosor Highschool

Hess is a skilled forward with good mobility and footwork. Her nice size allows her to excel in physical play, making her a strong presence on both ends of the court. With her combination of size, mobility, and physicality, she poses a challenge for opponents and contributes effectively to her team's success.

5'7 2025 G Gabby Herr- Riverdale Ridge Highschool

Gabby Herr, standing at 5'7", was big time shot maker for Riverdale Ridge High School this past weekend. She consistently demonstrated her ability to hit catch and shoot threes, which adds a significant offensive threat to her team. Not only did she excel in scoring this weekend, but she also showcased solid on-ball defense and playmaking skills. Herr's all-around game will prove to be pivotal for her team's success this season.

5'8 2024 G Cimonie Martinez- Riverdale Ridge Highschool

Cimonie Martinez, measuring at 5'8, proved herself to be a clutch player for Riverdale Ridge High School. Martinez has hit some crucial shots, including a game-winning three-pointer to beat legends highschool. She continued her impressive performance by sinking four three-pointers in the following game. Alongside her effective shot making, Martinez displays solid off-ball activity, ensuring she remains a constant threat on the court.

5'11 2025 G Brooklyn Charlo- Riverdale Ridge High School

Standing tall at 5'11", Brooklyn Charlo has emerged as a notable stock riser during the spring/summer. She impacted the with her ability to score both off the catch and dribble. Charlo's scoring prowess will undoubtedly be in high demand as her team aims to make a run for the state title. Expect her to be a key contributor throughout the season.

5'4 2025 G Iliana Greene- Regis Jesuit Highschool

Greene is a skilled perimeter player who poses a threat to opposing teams. Her shooting ability, particularly in catch and shoot situations, was effective and consistent. This skill allowed her to contribute to her team's offense by knocking down three-pointers.

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