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Lefty's Class Of 2026 National Top 20 Player Rankings

Updated: Mar 7

* My Top 3 Suggested Conferences for each player are simply where I see them having the best chance of success right now.

1. Brihanna Crittendon 6'3 W-F (CO)

Crittendon is an inside-out two-way blend who continues to be consistently productive while showcasing a multi-faceted game. Defensively she can guard multiple positions for possessions at a time. She is an above average shot blocker with high-level defensive IQ. She is a three-level threat offensively who can initiate the break and create plays for teammates. She stands out from the pack of forwards due to her three-point shooting prowess and off the dribble scoring abilities. Although she is longer and taller than other wings, she also has a unique set of talents that help her separate herself from the pack. She stands atop this rankings list due to her ability to fit seamlessly into so many different systems at the elite collegiate level whether playing outside on the wing or as an inside post threat. When competing against or playing with the cream of the crop from her class and other classes, I'd want to see her show her dominance over them rather than try to blend in. She has a tendency to blend in with the top crowd by focusing on doing things the "right" way on the basketball court. It's not that she isn't playing well but I think she could be head and shoulders above the competition if she would assert herself more.

Conference Suggestion:

I believe all power 5 conferences would benefit from her playing style at the next level. Due to her stature and proficiency from beyond the arc, I envision her being able to maximize her talent in the Pac-12, Big 12, and Big 10 conferences.

2. Jacy Abii 6'1 G-W (TX)

Abii is a 6'1 point forward who is one of the most versatile players in the country. The do-it-all primary ball-handler is one of the few players I have watched dominate games without having to score. Offensively she can push the pace and hit catch & shoot jumpers. She is a mismatch problem for opposing teams due to her size, athleticism and skill. Defensively she shoots the gap in passing lanes, guards multiples positions and shows great speed in transition. Her adaptability is why I rank her second. She's versatile enough to play any position on the court, from floor general to interior force. I think she might benefit from becoming more consistent with her mid-range jump shot and finding ways to use the pick-n-roll to create opportunities for teammates. She consistently makes the easy pass off of the PnR and scores off of the pick but leaves a little bit to be desired when it comes to some of the advanced playmaking opportunities that are available to her. I think she has the potential to become the best player in the nation if she focuses on improving her mid-range and tightening up her pick and roll game a bit. Abii could also show more control on her moves when going downhill. There are also times in games when Abii doesn't assert herself on the offensive side when the team needs it most. There are times when she will wait until the game is almost out of hand before she starts to takeover and make the game interesting. Elite level players know how to keep their team within striking distance at all times by taking over in spurts 'throughout' the game instead of waiting until the 4th quarter to try and bring the team back from a deficit. Sometimes an early explosion offensively is needed until your teammates show up to the party. Once she learns how to pace a game out in this fashion, she will be a force to be reckoned with.

Conference Suggestion:

I believe all power 5 conferences would benefit from her playing style at the next level. Her athleticism and two-way versatility gives me the impression that she will have a significant impact in the SEC, Big 12, and Pac-12. She can dominate conferences with slower wings and smaller guards by using her impressive downhill scoring ability and being able to provide a scoring punch off the ball as a catch and shoot threat.

3. Olivia Vukosa 6'4 P (NY)

Vukosa is a vintage post who has incredible touch and footwork. She is very tall and strong for her position. She has an effortless jumper with an incredible motor and outstanding hands around the basket. She is an excellent offensive rebounder who helps her team score often from second-chance opportunities. Her defensive strengths are in half-court situations where she can effectively contest shots from guards and deflect passes. I put her at #3 because she is a true post who can dominate in systems where she is a focus. With some improvement on her overall athleticism and her ability to smoothly transition into offense and defense, I believe she can climb the rankings to the top spot.

Conference Suggestion:

She could compete at a high level in any league, but in my humble estimation, the Big 10 would benefit her the most with her ability to make pick-and-pop 3-pointers and become a big-time bruiser in the interior over 4 years of college. She has the capacity to play make out the high post, making her a post you can play through.

4. Jordyn Jackson 6'1 G (DC)

Jackson is a long, athletic wing who has excellent defensive instincts. She relies heavily on perimeter jumpers as her primary method of attack offensively. She is quite adept at coming off down screens and handoffs with great speed and agility. When she goes downhill and utilizes her length to finish past opponents, she shows signs of evolving into an excellent scorer from all three levels. Defensively she is good at picking off passes in passing lanes and can pick your pocket on- ball as well. Thanks to her length, she is able to make open court defensive plays with regularity that generate numerous offensive opportunities in transition with deflections and the occasional blocked shot. With her versatility and length at the guard position, I ranked her fourth. I would like to see more consistent scoring output from her as well as more efficient 3-point shooting.

Conference Suggestion:

I think her ability to move without the ball and turn defense to offense would make her really effective in conferences like the ACC, Big 12, Big 10.

5. Jerzy Robinson 5'11 G (AZ)

Robinson is a bruiser with mature size and strength who understands how to exploit mismatches. Offensively she uses her strength to force her way to the basket creating a lot of free-throw opportunities. She scores from the perimeter off of catch and shoot opportunities the majority of the time and has a serviceable pull up jumper to go along with it. She can guard bigs on switches and pound down low for rebounds using her strength. I put her at #5 because she flat out intimidates her peers with her aggressive style of play and the force she exerts on opponents. She has an undeniable knack for sniffing out soft players on the opposing team and making them pay for not being ready to compete at her level. I think she could improve her point guard abilities and use of her physique to better attack defenders downhill. She has a tendency to loft high passes across court that get stolen and to get herself into trouble dribbling into traffic with no plan. Would love to see her clean up those issues and become what many consider the best of the best in this class.

Conference Suggestion:

Given the prevalence of short guards in the Pac 12 and Big 10 I believe her height, power, and catch-and-shoot skills might make her an overwhelming force and strength for many small guards in the Pac-12 and Big 10.

6. Oliviyah Edwards 6'3 F (WA)

Edwards has a powerful build and impressive length for a forward. She's a force on offense in the paint and a capable jump shooter from the mid-post if given space. She uses her body well when finishing through contact creating a lot of and-1 buckets for herself. Her ability to rebound at a high level is what makes her such a dominate forward. Defensively she can guard different variations of forwards and posts because of her ability to play physical and her length which allows her to block the shots of taller opponents. I put her at #6 due to her physical tools, length and her ability to rebound for her age. Most kids do not possess the physical tools she's been gifted with. Edwards could be more dominant if she improved her consistency on her jump shot from mid-range and her ability to regularly hit open 3-pointers.

Conference Suggestion:

I believe the Big 12, SEC, and Pac-12 would be good fits for her because of her stature, physical attributes, and rebounding skills.

7. Trinty Jones 6'1 G-W (IL)

Jones has a lanky frame and is a star performer in the open court. She has a remarkable ability to revive seemingly hopeless plays and turn them into positive possessions. She can disrupt passing lanes defensively and open up scoring chances for herself and her teammates with her long reach. She has shown the ability to shoot the mid-range jumper effectively off the dribble. As a defender, her length makes her effective against wings and guards of varying sizes. She is able to deflect a high percentage of shots, leading to numerous defensive stops. I ranked her seventh because she stands out from other guards in terms of length, size, and motor. I would like to see her have more control on her handle and be more polished offensively. She has a loose handle at times but makes up for it with athleticism and speed. Offensively she gets most of her buckets while in transition or off of plays that get her going downhill. If she spends some time over the next couple of summers learning how to move within a set offense and slower paced game she could elevate on this list.

Conference Suggestion:

With the length and athleticism she possesses, I could see her thriving in the SEC, BIG 12, and ACC.

8. Addison Bjorn 6'1 G (MO)

Bjorn is an extremely aggressive jumbo sized scoring guard that is tall and long. I envision her ceiling as an elite level scorer because of her ability to move downhill and use her height and reach to score in transition and off the dribble. She has excellent mobility when scoring at the rim with great body control in the air. She's demonstrated her ability to catch and shoot jumpers at a high rate. When her team presses, she is able to anticipate passes, resulting in deflections, fast break opportunities and easy buckets for the offense. I put her at #8 because of her size for her position and her versatility scoring. The more she works on her point guard skills and understands pick-and-roll situations, the better. The same goes for learning how to finish in a variety of ways, such as with floaters and two feet finishes around the rim. Adding a floater to an already deep offensive package could take her game to another level.

Conference Suggestion:

Her tremendous scoring output and ideal size for her position make me confident in her future success in the Big 12, the ACC, and the Big 10.

9. Saniyah Hall 5'11 WF (OH)

Hall is a lanky and fluid wing/forward that possesses a high IQ. Offensively she finishes through contact really well and understands how to use her body against bigger defenders. She has the ability to hit mid-range jumpers off of hand offs and high post entry passes. She has a great feel for where her teammates are at and can drop dimes using back door passes, skips and baseline corner passes. Defensively she has great feet and hands to pick pockets and get deflections. I put her #9 due to her big presence she brings on both sides of the court. She plays bigger than she is which makes up for any disadvantages she may have in size. She wills her way into good outings night in and night out no matter who the opposition is.

She has to learn to change her pace and control the ball more effectively; these are both areas where I feel she could improve. She should spend a lot of time refining her ball handling skills, passing and shooting. When a player is undersized at her position, skill level and being a matchup nightmare compared to her positional match can be the difference maker in who wins and loses the game. Due to her lack of height for her position and play style, I believe that this will help her game progress to the next level over time.

Conference Suggestion:

Her ability to project a larger presence than she actually possesses fits the mold of players who have been successful in the Big 10 and the Big 12 conferences such as 5'11 Madi Williams of Oklahoma and 5'11 Bre'Amber Scott of Texas Tech. She is a versatile player who can shoot from mid-range, defend and rebound at an elite level.

10. McKenna Woliczko 6'2 F (CA)

Woliczko is a fundamentally sound interior presence who possesses excellent footwork. She is very timely in her offensive rebounding, which results in many easy second-chance points for her team. She has a high offensive IQ, and uses her body effectively to generate post position. She understands spacing and knows where to be at the right times. Defensively she's discipled and has a motor that keeps her active on the glass. She is reliable and consistent; thus, I ranked her #10. Due to her positional height disadvantage, I think she might benefit from learning to play more effectively on the perimeter. As the women's game continues to evolve, there are beginning to be more and more players her size who have guard skills. I believe adding more guard skills will only increase her effectiveness as a player.

Conference Suggestion:

I imagine her being effective in the Big 10 or Pac 12 due to her ability to rebound and score from the midrange and inside areas. She will do well in a post-centric system that features it's bigs. With her knack for moving to open areas and being in the right place for drop-offs from guards who penetrate, she could also be a viable option for a system that has shifty guards in place that know how to read a defense and make the right play for it's bigs.

11. Devin Cosgriff 5'10 W (CA)

Cosgriff is an active wing that possesses an elite level skill set. She displays the versatility and scoring capability of a top-tier, three-level scorer. Her superior catch-and-shoot jumper causes defenders to close out on her, clearing the way for her pull-up jumper and drives to the basket.

She has a high basketball IQ and plays with a lot of initiative on defense, which leads to jump balls and turnovers. I put her at #11 because she's a highly-developed and skilled wing for a player at her age. I would like to see her change up her pace while handling the ball in scoring positions. She tends to play at one speed, hard (which I am going to call a speed), but if she could go from power to finesse and back to power it would make it much harder on the defense to anticipate her moves. I think this will take her game to the next level as she develops over time.

Conference suggestions:

With her catch and shoot abilities and motor while playing off the ball, I can see her making a significant impact in the Pac-12, ACC, and Big 10 conferences.

12. Bella Flemings 6'0 G (TX)

Flemings is a powerful efficient shooter with nice size. She's a dangerous shooter who can average 4-5 three-pointers made per game. She's probably the most effective catch-and-shoot shooter in the country, if not the best. Her strong build makes her an ideal defender against longer and taller opponents. Because of her tremendous output and effectiveness in shooting, I ranked her at #12. In my opinion she has room for improvement in her lateral quickness and agility which she can correct in the weight-room over the next few summers. Her game will improve as her body improves to allow her to effectively pull off the moves that she has in her mind that she wants to do. If she can improve her overall guard skills and mobility, I could see her moving up my list.

Conference Suggestion:

I see her being a dominate force in the Big 12, Big 10, and Pac-12 because of her ability to shoot the three at a high volume.

13. Lola Lampley 6'2 W-F (IN)

Lampley is a mobile wing with a long frame. She shows flashes of a potential dominant ball-handler for her team. She can hit the occasional catch and shoot jumper. Defensively, her length allows her to quickly closeout and contest on the wing from the help position and disrupt ball handlers when they are attacking. She contests shots really well making it hard for her opponents to get their shots off over her. Her combination of size, length, and agility, with the added defensive IQ puts her here at #13. To reach her full potential she would need to be more consistent with her outside jump shot and finish stronger at the point of contact around the rim. I believe she will rise in the ranks once her skill set catches up to her natural physical attributes.

Conference Suggestion:

I visualize her as a physical-lengthy Big 12, SEC or Big 10 player that uses her physical attributes to contribute to a winning college program.

14. Sania Green 6'0 W (VA)

Sania Green is a highly skilled wing who can control possessions from the paint and mid-range area. She has remarkable power and dexterity going downhill. Her superior post play and being adept at using her body give her an edge over larger opponents. Defensively she can guard multiple positions and shows flashes of a great open court player when she gets deflections and steals. I put her #14 because she has great control and pace in her movement inside the paint. In addition to her impressive inside slashing and post-game, I hope she continues to hone her guard skills. Given her height, I believe she would benefit from learning how to play on the perimeter just enough to be a viable threat at the elite level.

Conference Suggestion:

I believe the Big 10 and Big 12 is where Sania could excel most due to her ability to hit outside jumpers and being capable of using her body to her advantage against defenders of any size. The Big 10 features strong big bodied players that are prominent in the Mid-West and she would fit in seamlessly in that conference.

15. Kamora Pruitt 6'2 W-F (TX)

Pruitt is a long, talented wing who has impressive outside shooting ability. She has grown offensively over the last year while continuing to showcase her innate ability to rebound. For a player of her size and length, she possesses exceptional catch and shoot skills. She demonstrates flashes of solid guard tools as she beats defenders off of the bounce. Defensively, she has long arms that allow her to contest shots and haul in rebounds out of her area. I put her #15 because of the raw talent she possesses and her ability to shoot the ball really well for her size. She could benefit from playing with a higher motor and becoming more of a threat offensively in the paint by posting up smaller defenders and making plays from the inside. In today's game, most taller wings want to prove to everyone that they are not a "big," so they spend more time on the perimeter trying to showcase their guard skills and lose out on easy bucket opportunities. When you have the size that she has, it would be a travesty to not be able to easily capitalize on it when cross-matched against a smaller weaker defender inside.

Conference Suggestion:

With her length, shooting ability, and solid perimeter skills at her stature, I believe she could thrive in the Big 12, Pac 12, and ACC.

16. Autumn Fleary 5'6 PG (MD)

Fleary is a swift and shifty floor general who has great body control around the basket. She is a true point guard that has full command over the offense she orchestrates. She is very efficient with her moves when breaking down her opponent. She understands spacing and pace in pick-n-roll situations and has a fluid jumper to go along with it. She excels at on-ball defense, where she can pick pockets and collect weak-side rebounds to help start a fast break. I put her at #16 because she is a mature floor general who can get buckets at an elite level. I would like to see her have more consistency on her 3 ball and use her floater more on long defenders in the paint. At her size, a serviceable floater would open up the floor greatly for her and her teammates.

Conference Suggestion:

Due to her ability to score in bunches at the point guard position while also serving as a team's floor general, I imagine her doing well in the Pac-12 and ACC.

17. Maddyn Greenway 5'8 PG-G (MN)

Greenway is an aggressive guard who has great intangibles. She is a volume scorer who can shoot the three and mid-range pull-up. She moves well without the ball and gets her jumper off with a quick release. She likes to get downhill by breaking down her opponent and creating contact for fouls and and 1's. Defensively she has solid awareness and creates a lot of open court opportunities for herself. I ranked her at #17 because she possesses offensive tenacity and a willingness to seize every opportunity. I think she might benefit from developing her playmaking abilities and also incorporating a floater into her repertoire. If she can increase the variety of ways she scores, I think she will be a more potent offensive threat.

Conference Suggestion:

Her ability to score both on and off the ball from long range bosses well for her outlook in the Pac-12 and Big 10.

18. Kelsi Andrews 6'3 F-P (AL)

Andrews is a physical player who protects the rim well. She can finish with either hand around the rim and can rebound at an elite level. She is not fully back to her true form due to previous injuries. When healthy she is one of the more physical interior presences in the country. In her recent play, she has shown her ability to rebound and finish through contact is still at the elite level. I ranked her at #18 because she has such a substantial, physical presence compared to her contemporaries. It would be great to see her regain her motor and refine her footwork in the post over the next few months.

Conference Suggestion:

Her physicality and size combined with the right system should serve her well in the Big 12 and SEC.

19. Isabella Ragone 6'2 W (GA)

Ragone is a big seasoned wing with the ability to stretch out and shoot long-distance jumpers. She's big for her position and is very effective at what she does. She is strong in the paint when driving on smaller guards. She's savvy with the awareness to exploit mismatches on small guards and wings in the post. She plays with a defensive motor and spatial awareness that allows her to successfully switch onto smaller defenders. Her solid skillset, jump shooting, and motor earned her the nineteenth spot on my list. I would like to see her have better change of pace on her moves and improve her overall athleticism. She is not more skilled than the guards on the list that are above her and not more athletic than the post players that are ranked above her but she has a good mix and blend of abilities at her size that are impressive to say the least.

Conference Suggestion:

Given her shooting range and versatility, she should do well in the Big 12, Pac 12, and ACC.

20. Amari Byles 6'2 W-F (TX)

Byles is a long, athletic wing who provides solid protection around the basket. Offensively, she looks best when she is going downhill and putting pressure on the rim. When she reaches the elbow for a pull-up jumper, she shows flashes of being capable of knocking down shots from that range. Defensively she blocks shots at an elite level and can guard multiple positions. I put her at #20 because of her athleticism and length on the defensive end. I believe once she learns to take advantage of her size and length against smaller or less athletic defenders to get easy baskets she will be more effective on the offensive end. If she becomes more efficient in her moves by just making one move and go, I think she could be an elite overall player. At her size she doesn't need to make a lot of shifty point guard moves to get a basket. She plays like a small guard at times instead of the lengthy-tall wing that she is. Taller players benefit from learning to just get to "their spots," raise up and shoot over defenders. It shouldn't take a bunch of moves for her to get shots off.

Conference Suggestion:

She possesses the requisite athleticism and defensive capabilities to be successful in the Big 12 and SEC.

I've only included players that I have watched at least 2 full games of, not highlights. If there are any players I have not seen, and you feel like they should be on this list, feel free to send me film and names via email or direct message on Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram: Leftymike

Twitter: UNProspects


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