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Recruitment Talk With 5 Star Kylie Marshall: "What makes Kylie Marshall Say Yes To A School"

I recently spoke with Kylie Marshall, a top 30 player in the 2023 class about her recruitment and what goes into her decision making process...

1. What style of play do you feel suits you best at the next level ?

"I see myself playing with a team that has a very fast pace style of play. I say fast meaning getting a lot of fast breaks and not giving the defense time to setup. It’s what I did in AAU and high school so it is very familiar to me."

2. What are the most important factors that you consider when deciding between schools ?

"The most important thing to me about picking a school is the culture on the team and making sure I have the resources to succeed. Culture wise I want us to be able to have fun on and off the court and consider my team a family."

3. Which schools have been contacting you the most as of recently ?

"I will be announcing my top schools soon and excited to narrow down my list. Be on the look out!"

4. NIL has been the newest topic in the college world. Does that play a big role in your college choice ?

"I believe NIL has been good to athletes and I would love to hopefully have that opportunity however it will not affect my decision."

5. If a coach has not devloped any WNBA players is that a concern of yours ?

"No, because every players route is not to go to the WNBA. As long as the coach can develop me on and off the court and become a better me, then that’s all I ask for."

6. What makes Kylie Marshall say yes to a school ?

"What makes me say yes to a school is if I know I am going to be taken care of and succeed the 4 or more years that I am there. I shouldn’t have to question anything about a school."

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