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Young Hopefuls: 2027 & 2028 Heart of Texas/ Select 40

I saw a handful of players from 2027 and some younger who showed flashes of potential prospects. All the way at the bottom there will be videos of a few of the players.

Laila Boylan (NM Clippers)

Laila Boylan, a 5'9 Point Guard who is set to graduate in the class of 2027, she is playing up two grades and showed her ability to defend both on and off the ball.

Her prowess at making plays in the open court was one of the things that jumped out most on the offensive side of the ball. She showed flashes of a great two-way player. Her stock should definitely be on the rise as the summer progress.

Samari Holmen ( Team Lex)

5'8 2027 PG Samari Holmen is an excellent creator both off the dribble and in the frontcourt. This past weekend, she displayed an overall improvement in her jump shot. She is performing beyond her grade level and has impressive intangibles for her young age. As the summer progresses, people should keep an eye out for her because she is definitely one to watch.

Angel Lynch (Team Lex)

2027 5'8 G Angel Lynch led her squad to a

25-point comeback last weekend and displayed a lot of grit. She displayed off-the-dribble creativity, transition speed, and scoring ability under pressure. She helped rally the troops with 10 points in the second half.

Ava Womack (Team Lex)

2027 5'10 G Ava Womack is a big left-handed guard who has a high level of athleticism. She successfully completed drives while through contact and hit jump shots from mid-range. As her handle and motor progress, she will be a great prospect in this 27' class.

Kaiyah Bennaly (Fam Elite)

2028 PG Kaiyah Bennaly playing up 15u and possesses a soft touch towards the basket. She has impressive range for her age and an infectious demeanor. I think she will be one of the better PGs in the 2028 class in Texas.

Amoni Jefferson (Fam Elite 2028 3sssb)

2028 G Amoni Jefferson is a solid defensive guard who always brings the intensity on the court. Excited to see her again.

Riley Segura (Fam Elite)

2027 G Riley Segura is a shifty guard who has great change of speeds downhill. Her ability to hit floaters and fake out defenders was something to see this weekend.

Sienna Buenrostro (Fam Elite 2028)

2028 G Sienna Buenrostro was effective from beyond the three-point line throughout the course of the weekend. She was able to save her team by making vital catch-and-shoot jump shots when they needed it the most.

Reese Adams (Fam Elite)

2027 G Playmaker Reese Adams is lanky and has excellent natural instinct. She was quite good at making baskets off the dribble in crucial moments.

Mia Gomez (West Texas Blaze)

2028 PG Mia Gomez was her team's most reliable scorer. Despite her little stature, she proved to be a deadly shooter.

Zamiyah Johnson (Fam Elite)

2028 5'8 Zamiyah Johnson is a big presence inside and can also be a dominate ball handler when needed. She's a but raw right now but her size and potential are going to be a site to see.

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