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Lefty Youth Exposure Camp Standouts

Lefty Youth is a platform I created to give exposure the future women of basketball it is for players middle school and younger. I through my first camp Jan.14th & there were a lot of talented players but there were a few who stood out amongst the pack...

2028 (8th Grade)

Arianna Robinson- Arianna Robinson- Robinson is a 5'9 PG with a mature frame who really showed well. She was my MVP of the camp her ability to score from three levels was very impressive.One of Arianna's most impressive attributes is her ability to score from all three levels of the game. Whether it's shooting from beyond the arc, attacking the mid-range, or finishing at the rim, she consistently displays a high level of proficiency. Her elite-level pull-up jumper is particularly noteworthy, as it allows her to create her own shot and capitalize on scoring opportunities. I intentionally set up her team with players who were younger and hadn't played high level AAU like she has to see if she would take on the leadership role. She did just that by leading her 5 on 5 team to a championship win. Considering her current skill set and potential, Arianna possesses the ability to develop into a 5-star talent once she enters high school. With her combination of scoring ability, basketball IQ, and leadership qualities, she has all the attributes necessary to excel at the next level.

Improvements: Taking over games more and not being so passive there were times when she could have won certain games by willing her team to win.

Skylar Conway - Conway is a 6' left handed wing/forward with an elite motor. She stood out with her high level footwork in the mid post and her aggressive style of play. She showed the ability to play multiple positions for her team and was very vocal. Defensively she showed elite timing when it came to blocking shots. Looking ahead, Skylar has the potential to become an elite two-way player as she enters high school next year. Her elite motor and relentless work ethic, combined with her defensive prowess and offensive skill set, makes her a valuable asset on both ends of the court. These qualities position her as a high-major talent with immense potential.

Improvements: Want to see her play more on the perimeter and live in the post so much. As well as development of a more consistent three ball.

Addie Seal- Seal is a 6' wing/forward who can shoot three ball. She showed the ability to push break and find teammates. Her movement without the ball was notable, as she was able to create space and get open for shots. She showed flashes of being a solid shot blocker in the half court. Addie has the potential to be a high-major talent as she enters high school. Her ability to shoot the three-ball at her size is a valuable skill that will make her a sought-after player.

Improvements: Want to her work on her physical attributes more. Speed, explosiveness, and overall motor.

Jordan Lewis- Lewis is a crafty 5'6 PG with elite leadership qualities. She has the ability to take charge and guide her team, making her an invaluable asset in any game situation. She showed the ability to be a playmaker in pick n roll situations along with finishing with various finishes. She has a knack for playing solid off the ball defense, anticipating passing lanes, and disrupting the opponent's offense. Her ability to communicate well defensively further enhances her effectiveness on that end of the court. Looking ahead, Jordan has the potential to be a mid-high major talent as she enters high school. Her leadership qualities, combined with her playmaking ability will make her a valuable player in highschool.

Improvements: Making the easy play more. Tries to make the hard play sometimes learn to keep it simple and be more effective with less.

2029 (7th Grade)

Saniya Douglas- Douglas is a 5'10 G/W who has natural feel for the game. She stands out with her elite defensive ability. She can defend both on and off the ball, showcasing her versatility and adaptability on the defensive end. Her high-level shot blocking ability adds an extra dimension to her defensive game especially from the guard position. This defensive prowess sets her apart from her peers. Douglas was the only player at the camp who played varsity at the national prep school level. This experience speaks to her talent and potential, as she is already competing against and excelling amongst more advanced competition. Saniya has the chance to become one of the best players in the country once she enters high school. Her natural feel for the game, combined with her elite defensive ability, makes her a standout prospect. With continued development and growth, she has the opportunity to make a significant impact at the highest level of competition.

Maddison Madkins- Madkins is a 5'6 guard with a nice overall skill set. She showed the ability to play on and off the ball. Seeing her prior to the camp it was evident that Maddison had put in the work to improve her fitness level. One aspect that stands out about Maddison is her ability to seamlessly fit in and excel alongside other elite players. She is capable of playing multiple roles, including point guard and playmaker, as well as being a scorer off the ball. This adaptability and willingness to contribute in different will make her valuable going into highschool in a year. Three days after the camp she scored 60 points in her next middle school game. Numbers like that is something she's known for doing on a regular basis. Considering Maddison's young age, being only in 7th grade, her potential as a high major type talent going into high school is evident. If she continues to elevate her play and build upon her current skill set, there is no doubt that she has the ability to become a highly sought-after prospect at the high school level.

Celeste Jackson- Jackson is 6' F with a long frame that gives her an advantage on the court. She stood out with her ability to rebound and finish through contact at an effective rate. She showed a lot of promise in her conditioning and overall motor. She can run and beat some guards down court. Her willingness to fill in gaps for dump-offs and her solid sealing on post-ups demonstrate her understanding of positioning and the importance of doing the little things right. Considering Celeste's current skill set and potential for growth, it is evident that she has the ability to develop into a low to mid Division 1 player as she progresses into high school.

Gabrielle Gibson- Gibson is a 5'6 G who can shoot the three at an effective rate. She stood out with the ability to confidently hit three off the ball. She stood out during the camp with her confidence and effectiveness in shooting the three off the ball. Gibson showcased her shooting skills particularly well in drive and kick situations, as well as in dribble handoff plays. Her ability to quickly get her shot off without needing much time is impressive and adds value to her game. Consistency will be key for Gibson as she progresses in her basketball career. If she can maintain her shooting efficiency and continue to work on other facets of her game, she has the potential to become a low to mid Division 1 player. 

2030 (6th Grade)

Maleah Mason- Mason is 5'5 PG with elite playmaking skills for her age. She demonstrated the ability to make plays in the open court, showcasing her court vision and passing ability. Additionally, Mason displayed her scoring prowess in one-on-one situations, highlighting her ability to create and finish plays effectively. As Mason continues to develop her skills and gain experience, it will be interesting to see how she progresses in the coming years. With her already impressive playmaking ability, there is potential for her to become an even more dominant player as she matures. It will be important for her to continue working on her game and refining her skills to reach her full potential. Only in the 6th grade it's really early to say where she'll be in the future but she is definitely an elite player in her class today. 

Jordin Lee- Lee is a 5'7 PG with a high level of understanding of the game. Her basketball IQ and court awareness are evident in her ability to make her teammates better. She is a true PG and has the length to go along with it. Additionally, Lee demonstrated her versatility by being effective off the ball. She utilizes backdoor cuts and runs the floor effectively, finding open spots and contributing to the team's offense.While it is still early in her basketball journey, Lee possesses the potential to develop into an elite point guard at the next level. Her high basketball IQ, playmaking ability, and scoring skills make her a promising prospect. 

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