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Lefty's Class of 2027 Top 25 National Watch List

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Lefty's Class of 2027 Top 25 National Watch List

Haylen Ayers 6' G (TN)

Reginna Baker 5'6 G (PA)

Jalynn Belton 5'9 G (FL)

Laila Boylan 5'10 PG (MO)

Caroline Bradley 6'4 P (LA)

Taylor Brown 5'6 PG (PA)

Ryan Carter 5'11 G (PA)

Finley Chastin 6' G (TX)

Aila Courtenay 6'2 F (GA)

Miciah Fusilier 6'4 F (AR)

Lauren Hassell 6'3 F (TN)

Samari Holmen 5'9 PG (TX)

Palmer Jordan 6' F (PA)

Eve Long 6'3 F (KS)

Ashley Maccalla 5'11 W (NY)

De'Andra Minor 6' G (OK)

Jemini Mitchell 6'1 W (UT)

Jessie Moses 5'10 PG (PA)

Micah Ojo 6'1 W ( VA)

Finley Parker 6'2 W (GA)

Nevaeh Roberson 6' G (MD)

Sydney Savoury 6' W (MI)

Kaleena Smith 5'6 PG (CA)

Ava Womack 5'10 G (TX)

I've only included players that I have watched at least 2 full games of, not highlights. If there are any players I have not seen, and you feel like they should be on this list, feel free to send me film and names via email or direct message on Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram: Leftymike

Twitter: UNProspects

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