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Recruitment Talk With 5 Star Sophomore Keeley Parks

Keeley Parks has been a nationally known name for sometime now. After coming off an ACL tear she made a statement this summer and constantly progressed this summer.

1. What type of style do you see yourself playing at the next level ?

"My game will fit any style at the next level. I believe I can play well in both the half court and in transition."

2. What is the most important thing to you about picking a school ?

"Relationships and a good feel for the coaches, players and campus."

3. What Schools Have Been Contacting The Most As Of Recently ?

"Several including UCONN, STANFORD, OSU, OU, UCLA, etc."

4. What makes Keeley Parks say yes to a school ?

" What makes me say yes to a school is the overall culture of the school. It has to feel like a home away from home."

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