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Earned Not Given Standouts (Free Article)

The Earned Not Given event was a highly anticipated basketball showcase that drew in some of the most talented players from around the nation. From point guards with exceptional court vision to wing players with incredible versatility, the event featured a wide range of skilled athletes who left a lasting impression on the court.

Marcayla Johnson- 2025 5'11 G (Arkansas Banshees)

Johnson is a 5'11 tenacious bucket getter committed to Baylor. She is an elite off the dribble scorer from three levels, capable of hitting catch and shoot threes all while being able to finishes through contact on drives. Her ability to score so effectively from the mid-range will separate her in the Big 12 and allow her to fit into Baylor's system very well.

Ambrosia Cole- 2026 5'8 PG (Cy Fair Elite 16u EYBL)

Cole is a crafty PG with a quick first step who shined this weekend in isolation situations. Her ability to create off the dribble is one of her most consistently noteworthy skills. When she is on-ball picking up 94 feet, she is a formidable defensive force, with several pick pocket steals and deflections. I believe her value will continue to increase over the summer if she keeps working on improving her overall shooting.

Conference Suggestion:

Cole's off-the-dribble skills will serve her well in the American, Big 12, and SEC. Due to her quickness and agility, she can hold her own against competitors at the highest levels.

Aniah Alexis- 2024 6'1 G/W (Proskills 17u EYBL)

Alexis is a larger guard and a skillful wing who can make a high percentage of shots. Given her ability to run in transition, she opens up a lot of easy scoring opportunities for herself. She understands how to move without the ball by using backdoor cuts, guard to guard screens and handoffs. She was a standout and stock riser for me this weekend because of her ability to change the game with her play.

Conference Suggestion:

Alexis's size, shooting ability, and basketball IQ will definitely help her at the next level. I see her attracting the eyes of some Big 12, American, Pac-12 conferences headed into July. On the low end I see her shining in the Sun Belt, Wac and C-USA.

Bree Riley- 2025 5'7 PG (Proskills 16u EYBL)

Riley is a strong floor general who has a lot of great tools & intangibles for small PG's. She creates for others and herself. She showed the ability to score from three levels and showed great touch on her floaters. Defensively she shines most when picking up at full/half court to get back tips and pick pockets and disrupt passing lanes.

Conference Suggestion:

Riley's has the ability to be a lead PG at the next level. I see her shining in the in American, Sun Belt, Mountain West Conferences.

Maryiah Alfred- 2027 5'8 PG (Cy Fair 15u EYBL)

Alfred is a high motor PG with elite level slashing ability. She proved herself as a player who can carry her team's scoring burden, going on multiple scoring streaks of her own to help get them back into the game. She did most of her damage by driving to the basket, where her excellent body control and effective touch allowed her finish with ease despite the contact. She can also make catch-and-shoot jump shots when given the opportunity. Defensively she brings a lot of energy, contesting shots, stealing, and hindering shots, and securing defensive rebounds.

Conference Suggestion:

Alfred plays at great speed and intensity. I see her playing in conferences like the Big East, American, and Big 12.

Sania Richardson- 2025 5'6 PG (Cy Fair 17u EYBL)

Richardson was the impact player in the Cy-Fair vs Proskills game. Her ability to come right in and be a spark really stood out. She came in and hit big shots from three and mid-range right away stopping the run of Proskills. Defensively her speed and quick instincts allow her to get her hands on the ball for pick pockets, back tips and easy deflections.

Conference Suggestion:

Richardson is a high-volume scorer who is capable of being an elite floor general. I see her succeeding in Pac-12, Big 12 and American Conferences.

Shun'teria Anumele- 2024 5'10 G (Mavs Elite 17u UAA)

Anumele is a pose scorer who plays with a lot of tenacity. She was one of the biggest stock riser and standouts this weekend. She is a confident bucket getter who can score in tight spaces. She scored a lot off down screens and handoffs where she had options to catch and shoot or make a play off the dribble. Defensively she is fearless and wants to guard the best players at all times. She is not afraid of any matchup.

Conference Suggestion:

Her recent decommitment from Liberty after her stelar performance this weekend changes a lot for her future recruitment. With her abilty to shoot of ball and play make off the dribble I see her being a force in the American, Big 10, and Big East.

*Camera Died during game

Kalysta Martin- 2024 5'11 G (SA Finest 3ssb)

Martin is a long sharpshooter who can hit 3's from all over the perimeter. The Texas Tech commit scores mainly off catch and shoot threes and shows flashes of having the ability to create off the dribble for herself. As she continues to grow her skillset, I see her making an impact really early on at Texas Tech due to her ability to shoot at an elite level.

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Drops @ 5:30PM

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